HIIT-High Intesity Interval Training

Even though, fitness industry is buzzing about HIIT’s potential to burn maximum calories in a minimum time (no wonder HIIT has been exactly that-a huge HIT), this is not the latest sport science discovery.

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HIIT was developed, years ago (1937) by Swedish coach to better prepare track runners. At the time training method was known as ‘Fartlek’ (meaning ‘Speed Play’).

(Cheers to my athletics professor Djordje Stefanovic, I knew there will be time I will be thankful for all those sleepless nights I spent studying theory of athletics.)Super efficient HIIT training is simply defined as – periods of maximum effort for short period of time, followed by recovery period and repeat. For some people, this could be a mix of sprinting and jogging, but for beginners it could be walking with jogging sessions when possible.

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HIIT is ideal workout for people with busy schedule, seasoned exercisers, even beginners, whether you want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break or get in shape for that fast approaching summer vacation, 15 minutes is all you need. You even do not need a gym membership (you can jump (rope) in your back yard, cycle by the river, run on the beach with sun rising ) or equipment (high knees, fast feet or anything plyometric is all you need to get your heart pumping and get to that anaerobic zone).
Studies has shown that HIIT preserve lean muscle mass better than steady state cardio. (Think sprinters vs. long distance runners (Marathon runners). Sprinters are working in anaerobic zone (HIIT), they appear brawny and muscle-bound, while long distance runners work is done in aerobic zone and they look thin and leaner).
HIIT will help you achieve your fitness goals faster, increase your maximum oxygen intake (also known as VO2 Max.). In fewer words, your fitness levels can dramatically improve if you introduce some HIIT workout in to your routine. Lots of huffing and puffing, but its all worth
And…The great news don’t stop with more muscle preserved and after-exercise increased fat burning. HIIT stimulates production of human growth hormone (HGH), which will help recovery and slow down the aging process, making you younger both inside and out.

Simple treadmill HIIT workout by Sarah Curran:

Note: when running at maximum speed you should feel that you can’t maintain this pace for longer than prescribed time.

This workout is ment to be tough, so if you are comfortable and able to chat through the maximum effort part, you are not working hard enough.

Minutes 1-5 ( warm up)

Jog at steady state, at about half of your maximum capable speed.

Minute 6 first interval

Run for 30” all out, and then jog for a further 30” or walk if necessary.

Minute 7 second interval

Run for 30” all out, and then jog for further 30” or walk if necessary.

Minute 8 third interval

Run for 30” all out, and then jog for a further 30” or walk if necessary.

Minute 9 fourth interval

Run for 30” all out, and then jog for a further 30” or walk if necessary.

Minute 10-15 cool down period

Jog at about half your maximum speed.

After a few sessions of training like this, add some more intervals to increase the difficulty of the work out.


Safety consideration: DO NOT  start a physical exercise program before talking to a physician, and passing a routine physical examination. 

Make sure you allow rest days in between training sessions and tailor your sessions to your own personal abilities.

Ideally if you lift a lot of weights, HIIT would be best kept as an activity on a day you are not lifting if possible. This is simply because it is of such a high intensity that it can be tough on the body to recover when heavy weights are thrown into the mix.

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