Aqua Fitness

I know what you all think…it’s August, cities are almost empty, everyone is chilling by the sea or the pool, sipping some delicious, refreshing cocktails, most probably partying from sunrise to sunset. The idea of checking out the hotel gym is not even crossing your mind and doing some HIIT workout is out of question when its 35*C + out there…Don’t worry, I am not judging, I too am enjoying my summer, haven’t pass by the gym 2 weeks now, but Pssst..No judging, remember.


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HIIT-High Intesity Interval Training

Even though, fitness industry is buzzing about HIIT’s potential to burn maximum calories in a minimum time (no wonder HIIT has been exactly that-a huge HIT), this is not the latest sport science discovery.

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HIIT was developed, years ago (1937) by Swedish coach to better prepare track runners. At the time training method was known as ‘Fartlek’ (meaning ‘Speed Play’). Continue reading

How to start when you don’t know where to begin


Ok, so you have finally found time and now you are ready to work out. Every beginning is hard. I know that from my own experience. Continue reading