How to start when you don’t know where to begin


Ok, so you have finally found time and now you are ready to work out. Every beginning is hard. I know that from my own experience.

We all want to be healthy and feel good about our selves, but most of us have no idea where to start. Shall I sign up at the local gym or shall I check out yoga studio, will I know how to use gym equipment and so on. So many questions…

Let’s start slowly, step by step.

Weight training, yoga, swimming, dancing, cardio boxing …There are so many activities to choose from, literally from A to Z. The question is, which activity do you enjoy the most? 

Every gym has one or few signature programs they offer. Find out what they are. Do your research. Face Book seems to be good source, ask around ( friends, neighbors, at local coffee shop (you would be surprised  what you can find out from a person selling a coffee )).
Find a work out buddy.

Work out buddy can be anyone, a friend,  brother/sister, neighbor …Anyone who share the same views about fitness and health in general. You can work out together, challenge and be there for each other after that ‘leg day’, when you think you won’t be able to walk, even talk ever again .

Do not be shy .

I have noticed that beginners usually go to the back of the group class. Do not do that. First of all, you need that mirror in front of you to look at your self, watch the position of your body, see people around you, see the trainer and watch your progress. Don’t worry, nobody is looking at you and you are not on the way . 

What to wear…

When it comes to the gear, do not think much. Expensive clothes won’t make you fitter, so wear what ever makes you comfortable. I wear everything from Old Navy to Nike. However, I do pay attention to bra support and shoes. 

Wearing worn out shoes can lead to achy hips and knees.If the midsoles no longer compress it means they are no longer cushioning your movement which puts more pressure on the body.

Now, you just need to get a pair of gym gloves and a water bottle and you are all set.

Have fun.

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