Pineapple Cucumber Salad

Even though it’s November, here in Athens it is still very Sunny and between 20*C – 25*C. Perfect day even for the beach.

It is obvious that we still didn’t have proper chance to cool down from all those hot summer months, but yet most of us here miss summer and crave summer fresh and light food. Yes, I am sure you know all about ‘HORIATIKI’ the classic  Greek Salad. 

I am talking about literally having a taste of summer in your mouth. Perfect mix of crunchy, fresh, and sweet, contrast of deep green and sunny yellow…No clue?

Well, I came a cross of this recipe some months ago ‘Pineapple Cucumber Salad’ and I had to try it. I was right, it tasted better than it sounded.

Credit: The Fit Cupcake

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Rafting weekend

Last weekend I took my family on a little retreat, city escape, long weekend kind of thing – rafting. It sounded fun, adventures, and what’s better to do with 2 boys, 4 and 6 y.o. then having an adventure in a nature.

I am sure you all think Greece is all about sea, wondering where did I find river for rafting. Well, Greece has it all. The unique settlements, natural beauties such as mountains, forests, rivers and caves surrounded by the sea, beautiful beaches, sandy and smooth coasts. Continue reading